My First Box of Gardens Montessori:A World of Achievements,我的第一个园艺盒子蒙特梭利:成就感
My First Box of Gardens Montessori:A World of Achievements,我的第一个园艺盒子蒙特梭利:成就感
ISBN: 9788854413986
出版社: White star
版别: 英文版
分类: 儿童图书
作者: ChiaraPiroddi
出版日期: 2019-03-07 00:00:00
内 容 简 介
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The innovative teaching materials contained in this box have been designed and created following the principles of the Montessori method. They have been designed to be used by children on their own; no help is required from the adult who can simply observe their child as they enthusiastically discover the world. Thanks to the fun and enjoyable activities proposed, play becomes an educational moment for your children whose curiosity will inspire them to start building up experiences for the future.

彩票开奖查询This box holds an active nature experience for children. The materials are inspired by the animal kingdom, the insect world as well as that of plants. Through various types of games, children can get to know the "inhabitants" of the garden, learning to spot the tails, paws, antennae and wings of the largest animal to the smallest insect, and even become the perfect little gardener, recognizing plants by their leaves, flowers and fruits. They will also be encouraged to create their own little garden thanks to the cards on the life cycle of a plant which will teach them how plants are born and what they need to grow. They will also be able to build their own small trees to show off on their desks and change along with the seasons.



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