Baan: Recipes and stories from my Thai home,班:我泰国老家的食谱和故事
Baan: Recipes and stories from my Thai home,班:我泰国老家的食谱和故事
ISBN: 9781911624059
出版社: Pavilion
版别: 英文版
分类: 生活
作者: Kay Plunkett-Hogge
出版日期: 2019-04-04 00:00:00
内 容 简 介
分 享:我与书本的故事(0)

Kay Plunkett-Hogge's cooking and knowledge of Thai cuisine is second to none. I dream about her food. Thank God she's written this book.' - Diana Henry

'This book makes me hungry. Truly a beautiful, personal, delicious and easy-to-use guide to Thai cuisine full of stories and tips that make the food jump off the page and onto the plate.' - Ian Kittichai

'Wise, witty, and wonderfully written, Baan sits alongside David Thompson's Thai Food and Andy Ricker's Pok Pok as one of the great English language works on regional Thai cookery.' - Tom Parker-Bowles

'Kay's true home is Thailand. Rarely have I met someone with such a love of a country, its people and their food. This book, so aptly named Baan, is the result of her journey through the Kingdom and many kitchens. It is home cooking, the true source of the best of Thai food. Kay recounts the charm, delicious fun and spirit of Thai kitchens in this book. I am captivated.' - David Thompson

'Baan' means the hearth, the home, the community, the place where you come from and this new book by Kay Plunkett-Hogge emulates just that feeling from Thai cuisine.

Born and raised in Bangkok, Kay spoke Thai before she spoke English and has spent more than half her life in Thailand. Baan is a true homage to her childhood, to the delicious recipes that she was raised on and a cuisine and country that she loves.

Baan features over 120 recipes that Kay has collected from all over Thailand from friends, acquaintances and street-stall holders, all gathered over around 30 years of travel, and all of them tried and tested back in London. Some are familiar, some unusual, and some so regional they capture a distinct sliver of Thailand and all its unique character. Crucially, all of them are well within the capabilities of the competent and curious cook. Kay demystifies Thai food, providing clear and concise recipes and revealing the shortcuts, kitchen hacks and ingredient substitutions that make delicious Thai cookery achievable in an ordinary Western home.

彩票开奖查询Chapters include How To Cook Rice - so central to Thai food and so easy to get right, whether steamed jasmine rice or sticky rice, all secrets are revealed Snacks and Aharn Len; Yums, Laarps and Tums; Soups; Stir-

fried and Deepfried; Curries, Stews and Braises; Grilled, Steamed and Baked; Relishes and Dipping Sauces; and Drinks and Desserts.

Baan guides the reader through the fragrant world of Thai cooking - dishes of profound and gracious subtlety - onto a culinary adventure all within the comfort of their own kitchen.

“Kay Plunkett-Hogge(作者)的厨艺和对泰国菜的见解首屈一指。我做梦都梦见她的食物。感谢上帝她写了这本书”—— 著名作家戴安娜•亨利



“班”一字意指壁炉、家、社区,出身之地,Kay Plunkett-Hogge的这本新书描摹的是泰国菜带来的感受。












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