Comet: Photographs from the Rosetta Space Probe,彗星:来自罗塞塔太空探测器的照片
Comet: Photographs from the Rosetta Space Probe,彗星:来自罗塞塔太空探测器的照片
ISBN: 9780500022276
出版社: Thames & Hudson
版别: 英文版
分类: 人文社科
作者: Jean-Pierre Bibring
出版日期: 2019-05-30 00:00:00
内 容 简 介
分 享:我与书本的故事(0)

Comet presents the amazing story of the Rosetta space probe and its interstellar voyage to the comet Tchoury. Its mission – to find clues to the origins of our solar system and the emergence of life on Earth. Following a ten-year voyage and a journey spanning millions of kilometres through our Solar System, the Rosetta entered the comet’s orbit. Its lander, Philae – a miniature science laboratory – landed directly on Tchoury’s surface and was able to take the photographs presented here.

This triumph of scientific endeavour brought back a raft of incredible new photographs, the best of which are featured here. The book is built around the various phases in Rosetta’s journey: leaving Earth, breaching its atmosphere and watching the lights of home recede; skirting the Moon and coming close to Mars; plunging into the cosmos’ starry void and approaching the comet; and, finally, landing on Tchoury. The photographs are accompanied by a text that reflects on the objectives of the mission and the accomplishment of such a technological feat for humanity. Detailed captions provide the reader with accessible scientific information, enabling them to get to the heart of the subject.



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