Street Fonts,街头字体
Street Fonts,街头字体
ISBN: 9780500294161
出版社: Thames & Hudson
版别: 英文版
分类: 设计
作者: Claudia Walde
出版日期: 2018-01-18 00:00:00
内 容 简 介
分 享:我与书本的故事(0)

经典的涂鸦字体和实验排印形式是街头文化的核心,长期以来一直激励着许多不同领域的设计师。但是,涂鸦艺术家往往会一次又一次地画出相同的标签,很少会设计出完整的字母表。Claudia Walde花了两年多的时间,收集了来自30个国家的54位艺术家的作品,希望能在涂鸦和街头艺术文化中展示不同的风格和方法。所有的艺术家都有涂鸦的根基。有些是世界知名的,比如123 Klan(加拿大)、Faith47(南非)和Hera(德国);其他的则不太为人所知,或者只是刚落头角。每个艺术家都收到了同样的简报:在书单页的范围内设计26个拉丁字母。他们如何完成这个任务,并选择媒体来表达他们的想法完全取决于他们。这个结果是对创造性过程的一种引人入胜的洞察。

Classic graffiti lettering and experimental typographical forms lie at the heart of street culture and have long inspired designers in many different fields。 But graffiti artists, who tend to paint the same letters of their tag again and again, rarely design complete alphabets。 Claudia Walde has spent over two years collecting alphabets by 154 artists from 30 countries with a view to showing the many different styles and approaches to lettering within the graffiti and street art cultures。 All of the artists have roots in graffiti。 Some are world renowned such as 123 Klan (Canada), Faith47 (South Africa) and Hera (Germany); others are lesser known or only now starting to emerge。 Each artist received the same brief: to design all 26 letters of the Latin alphabet within the limits of a single page of the book。 How they approached this task and selected the media with which to express their ideas was entirely up to them。 The results are a fascinating insight into the creative process。

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